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If you are looking for Fujitsu Technology Solutions product manuals you are in the right spot. Simply choose your product and download the document in pdf format. Select your product first (on the left over the navigation or down on the Quick Access). You will receive a list in which you can open or download the document you are looking for.

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The Quick Access search locates all available documents for your selected product. If JavaScript™ has been enabled, suggestions will be offered as you type. Use the mouse to browse the results, left-click to insert the highlighted suggestion.-more

The Fujitsu Technology Solutions manuals server may contain products, which are not yet available in certain target markets.
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The documents on the following internet pages have been created by our partner cognitas Gesellschaft für Technik Dokumentation mbH.

Please contact cognitas if you are in need of a printed copy of a manual. Printed copies are available for all current manuals for BS2000/OSD mainframes featuring an order number.

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In order to view and print the online document in pdf format Adobe Reader is required (version 5 or later). To download the latest version of Adobe Reader ™, click here.